LENOVO ThinkSystem SR850 (4x Xeon Gold 6226, 16x32GB, 4x2.4TB, 2x480GB SSD)


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  • 4x Intel Xeon Gold 6226 12C 125W 2.7GHz Processor
  • 16x ThinkSystem 32GB TruDDR4 2666 MHz (2Rx4 1.2V) RDIMM
  • 2x ThinkSystem 2.5" 5300 480GB Mainstream SATA 6Gb Hot Swap SSD
  • 4x 2.4TB 10K SAS 12Gb Hot Swap 512e 2.5 Inch HDD
  • ThinkSystem RAID 530-8i PCIe 12Gb Adapter
  • 2x 1600W Platinum (230V) Power Supply
  • Rackmount (2U)
  • Unit Utama

    #2 Processor Onboard Intel Xeon Gold 6226 Processor (19.25M Cache, 2.70 GHz)
    #4 Processor Onboard Intel Xeon Gold 6226 Processor (19.25M Cache, 2.70 GHz)
    Power Supply Type 2x 1600W Platinum (230V)
    #1 Controller RAID 530-8i PCIe 12Gb Adapter
    #1 Processor Onboard Intel Xeon Gold 6226 Processor (19.25M Cache, 2.70 GHz)
    Standard Memory 16x 32GB 2666MHz DDR4 RDIMM
    #2 Hard Drive 2x 480GB 2.5 Inch SSD
    #3 Processor Onboard Intel Xeon Gold 6226 Processor (19.25M Cache, 2.70 GHz)
    Garansi 36 Bulan dari Distributor Resmi di Indonesia
    Standard Bays ThinkSystem 2U/Twr 2.5" SATA/SAS 8-Bay Backplane
    Others ThinkSystem 10Gb 4-port SFP+ LOM|_|_|ThinkSystem SR850/SR860 Processor and Memory Expansion Tray|_|_|Select Storage devices - no configured RAID required|_|_|ThinkSystem 2U x8/X8/x8ML2 PCIE FH Riser 1|_|_|USB 2.0 Front Panel|_|_|Front Operator Panel|_|_|2x 2.8m, 13A/100-250V, C13 to C14 Jumper Cord|_|_|ThinkSystem XClarity Controller Advanced to Enterprise Upgrade|_|_|ThinkSystem Toolless Slide Rail|_|_|ThinkSystem 2U left EIA Latch Standard|_|_|Feature Enable TPM 1.2|_|_|Disable IPMI-over-LAN|_|_|ThinkSystem 2U Security Bezel|_|_|Feature Enable TPM on MB|_|_|Front Diagnostic Panel Cable|_|_|ThinkSystem 4-7 sequence Label for 2U 2.5"|_|_|SR850/SR860 Storage Backplane Power Cable|_|_|Intel Inside Xeon Label T|_|_|Lenovo ThinkSystem M3.5" Screw for EIA|_|_|ThinkSystem SR850 EIA Nameplate|_|_|SR850 Service Label|_|_|PHY Card Installation Bracket and Screw|_|_|SR850 System Packaging|_|_|ThinkSystem 1600W RDN PSU Caution Label|_|_|6x SR850/SR860 60x38 16K Fan Unit|_|_|2x SR850/SR860 4S Air Baffle|_|_|SR850/SR860 RAID 730/930-8i SAS/SATA Cable|_|_|4x ThinkSystem 4R CPU HS Clip|_|_|SR850 Lenovo Agency Label w/o CCC and w/ES|_|_|SR850/860 Rear PCI Riser Bracket|_|_|2x ThinkSystem 1x1 2.5" HDD Filler|_|_|ThinkSystem 8x1 2.5" HDD Filler|_|_|Notice for Advanced Format 512e Hard Disk Drives|_|_|System Documentation|_|_|Configuration ID 01|_|_|XClarity Pro, Per Endpoint w/3 Yr SW S&S|_|_|Lenovo XClarity Pro, Per Managed Endpoint w/3 Yr SW S&S|_|_|4x SFP+ SR Transceiver|_|_|ThinkSystem SR850/SR860 CLX System Board|_|_|Premier Essential - 3Yr 24x7 4Hr Resp + YDYD SR850|_|_|4x ThinkSystem 1U CPU Heatsink
    Chassis Form Factor 2U Rackmount Chassis
    Processor Type Intel Xeon Processor
    Standard Warranty 3 Years Warranty
    #1 Hard Drive 4x 2.4TB 10K SAS 12Gb Hot Swap 512e 2.5 Inch HDD
    Platform Quad CPU Rackmount Server
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