F5 BIG-IP i4600 Advanced Web Application Firewall


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  • Firewall
  • Throughput: 20 Gbps L4/L7
  • Memory : 32 GB DDR4
  • Hard Drive : 1x 500 GB Enterprise Class HDD
  • 10 Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP+): 4 SR/LR (sold separately); optional 10G copper direct attach
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    Network Connection 4 SR/LR (sold separately); optional 10G copper direct attach
    Package Contents BIG-IP i4600 Advanced Web Application Firewall (32 Gb Memory, Base SSL, Base Compression|_|_|Lelvel 1-3 Premium Service for BIG-IP 7x24|_|_|Four-Hour Hardware Replacement Service for BIG-IP|_|_|BIG-IP IP Intelligence License for i4X00 1 Year Subscription|_|_|BIG-IP Single AC Power Supply for i4X00 250W|_|_|4x BIG-IP & VIPRION SFP 1000BASE-T Transceiver
    Dimensions 4.37 cm x44.2 cm x 57.15 cm
    AC Power 100-240 VAC +/- 10% auto switching, 50/60hz
    Other Memory : 32 GB DDR4|_|_|Hard Drive : 1x 500 GB Enterprise Class HDD|_|_|Processor: One 4-Core Intel Xeon processor (total 8 hyperthreaded logical processor cores)|_|_|L7 requests per second: 650K|_|_|L4 connections per second: 250K|_|_|L4 HTTP requests per second: 1M|_|_|Maximum L4 concurrent connections: 28M|_|_|Throughput: 20 Gbps L4/L7|_|_|Software Compression: 6Gbps
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